Overview. Peter Wolf Associates, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, provided confidential investment advisory services for over twenty-five years. The firm's clients included individuals; pensions and profit sharing plans; trusts, and estates. Portfolio management was on a discretionary basis. Our goal was to protect capital and to enhance wealth.

Approach and Philosophy. Investment management should be tailored to the evolving needs of each client. As a consequence, equities, debt instruments, money market accounts, mutual fund shares and specialized partnerships were the primary focus. Our approach was to find investments which we believed to be undervalued in the marketplace, or which contained substantial opportunity for value improvement because of earnings and management strength. We sought opportunities in both domestic and international markets, focusing not on short term trends and frequent trading, but on long term value, seeking equity and income buildup.


Series 7 - General Securities Registered Representative
Series 63 - Registered Securities Agent State Law Registration
Series 65 - Registered Investment Advisor
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Peter M. Wolf has retired from professional investment management